Friday, April 30, 2010

This Week in iPhone and iPad News - April 30/2010

New market study shows iPhone continues to be big in Japan For a country where just about every cell phone is a smartphone, the iPhone is continuing to do well in Japan.

Lost iPhone prototype spurs police probe The stolen iPhone prototype story keeps evolving as the Silicon Valley police have begun to investigate.

How The iPad Will Change The iPhone Game Industry While the iPhone and iPod touch have changed how people have thought about games on their portable devices, the iPad stands to bring in more casual users than before.

4 Reasons the iPhone Is a (Video) Game Changer More thoughts about how the iPhone is changing the gaming landscape.

Playing Games on the iPad...with 11 Fingers With the iPad being a new type of touch device for most people, playing games on it introduces new ways of interacting.

The iPad POS system, coming soon to a restaurant near you A neat use of the iPad as a point-of-sale (cash register) tool in restaurants.

5 iPhone Apps to Boost Productivity

WWDC 2010 announced for June 7th through 11th While it is rumored that the next generation iPhone will be announced at this event, AT&T did recently show that they're not allowing their employees to take vacation during the month of June, lending credibility to the rumor.

New iPhone Could Hit Stores During Apple's Developer Conference

Gowalla Checks-In To The iPad Before Foursquare Can this hurt FourSquare?

Before The FTC Blocks The Google-AdMob Deal, Maybe It Should Read Apple's iPhone Licensing Agreement Details concerning Apple's iPhone Licensing Agreement with respect to its new iAds may need to be considered when dealing with the potential Google-AdMob deal.

Person Who Sold the iPhone Prototype Revealed The story regarding the "lost" iPhone 4 prototype continues.

iPad 3G Hits Mailboxes and Retail Stores The iPad 3G is now available. While this makes it more portable in the sense that you don't have to rely on having a WiFi signal, there is the added cost of this version of the device and the data plan from AT&T.