Friday, April 23, 2010

This Week in iPhone and iPad News - April 23/2010

An intro to modern OpenGL While not directly targeted towards iPhone developers, this is a great introduction to modern OpenGL programming.

This Is Apple's Next iPhone If you haven't heard about the "lost" iPhone 4 prototype that Gizmodo eventually got a hold of, well, take a look at this article. It's pretty much agreed that it is a real prototype of the next iPhone device considering Apple wants it back.

What The New iPhone Could Mean For Gaming Now that it's pretty guaranteed that there will be a front facing camera on the next iPhone, this article considers what the next iPhone could mean for next generation games on the device.

How Apple Lost the Next iPhone A follow-up article from Gizmodo summarizing how they came into possession of the iPhone 4 prototype.

Apple sold 8.75 million iPhones last quarter, 51.15 million since launch Apple's latest earnings report was very positive, most of which is due to the success of the iPhone.

Adobe tosses in Flash towel after Apple limits iPhone dev Adobe has officially decided to stop work on the tool that allows the porting of Flash applications to the iPhone and iPad after the recent update to the iPhone SDK agreement.

Apple's Wall is Tumbling Down Due to the loss of the iPhone 4 prototype, some people are wondering if it may be in Apple's best interest to intentionally leak information.

Where do developers draw the line with Apple? A nice summary of the reactions to the recent iPhone SDK agreement update.

Wooden iPad Kiosk For Square at Sightglass A neat stand being used for the iPad to make it into a point of sale register for a coffee shop.

Rana Sobhany Demos Her iPad DJ Setup An interesting application of the iPad for making music.

Android - Now On The iPhone Video evidence of being able to run Android on the iPhone.

Google to Bring FREE Turn-By-Turn Navigation to iPhone In a press conference on April 22nd Google announced that it will bring free turn-by-turn navigation to smartphone platforms, including the iPhone.

Unity and the iPhone OS 4.0 The head of Unity technologies addresses the concerns around the latest update to the iPhone SDK agreement with respect to 3rd party development tools.