Wednesday, April 24, 2013

CocoaConf San Jose 2013

This past week I attended the CocoaConf conference in San Jose.  It was an intimate gathering of Mac and iOS developers with a bunch of interesting talks, including keynote presentations from important developers in the industry.

The sessions I attended included:

  • 2-D Game Development Workshop (covered both prototyping techniques and the Cocos2D/Kobold2D frameworks) (Josh Smith)
  • Mastering the Project File (Michele Titolo)
  • Introducing Collection Views (Mark Pospesel)
  • Keynote: The People We Work For (Matt Drance)
  • Zen and the Introduction to Gesture Recognizers (Johnathan Penn)
  • Stronger, Better, Faster with Instruments and Debugging (Kyle Richter)
  • We Made An App For That (presentation of interesting apps people are working on where the winner was chosen based on applause levels) (Jaimee Newberry)
  • Less Code, More Fulfilling (Daniel Steinberg)
  • Coca Design Patterns (Saul Mora)
  • iOS Performance Tuning with Instruments (Bill Dudney)
  • Keynote: A Pocketful of Patterns (Daniel Steinberg)
  • Advanced Behavior and Performance Testing with UI Automation (Johanthan Penn)
  • Making Successful Apps (Michael Simmons)

Slides from all of the talks are still in the process of being uploaded, so check this link often.

I will be expanding on this post for each of the sessions that I attended soon.