Friday, May 28, 2010

This Week in iPhone and iPad News - May 28/2010

Things are pretty light in the iPhone and iPad news department this week. Everyone is most likely holding their breath for WWDC. We'll see!

Watch the skies for the Air Force's secret space plane...with your iPhone! Track a new Air Force space plane and any other satellite with this neat iPhone app.

Firefox Home Coming to iPhone, Browser Next? A new Mozilla iPhone application "Firefox Home" allows you to share your Firefox history, bookmarks and tabs from your most recent browsing session onto your iPhone.

Friends Around Me iPhone/iPad app lets you interact with friends or strangers, just like they were really there Another location based app for the iPhone and iPad allows you to socialize with other people who may be in your vicinity virtually.


Anonymous said...

I am bummed that there hasn't been any android news published here lately. Will Daniel Kao's section be making a comeback?

Great blog, btw.

Ari Braginsky said...

There will be another installment of "This Week in Android News" this week. Thanks!