Friday, April 9, 2010

This Week in iPhone and iPad News - April 9/2010

Welcome to the new home of "This Week in iPhone and iPad News"! If you haven't already heard, Dan Grigsby from Mobile Orchard is no longer going to be involved in iPhone development nor the website going forward. I am grateful for all the opportunities that Dan has presented me and I wish him well.

Like its previous home at Mobile Orchard, I hand pick what I find to be the most interesting iPhone and iPad related news stories of the past week (Friday to Friday). I welcome any link submissions, so please send them to

How the iPad is Already Reshaping the Internet (Sans Flash) A piece on how the decision by Apple to not support Flash on the iPad is affecting existing heavy hitter websites like CNN and The New York Times.

Tapulous Looks To Repeat Tap Tap Revenge's iPhone Success On The iPad With 'Radiation' Tapulous, makers of 'Tap Tap Revenge' have recently revealed their next big game titled 'Tap Tap Radiation', targeted for the iPad.

Aurora Feint Debuts Social Gaming App For The iPad Aurora Feint 3, a free to play massively multiplayer social gaming app which is based on virtual goods is now available for the iPad.

Loopt Pulse Bets That Location On The iPad Is About Planning Loopt has an interesting take on location based applications for the iPad where they think users will be more likely to plan where they're going to be on it than actually check in at their current location.

iPad Apps: The Next Gold Mine or Just Fool's Gold? Since the iPad has only been out for less than a week, only time will tell if we're going to see another "gold rush" as developers flock to this new platform.

Ustream to Bring Live Video to iPad With the lack of Flash on the iPad, there are still many applications that will allow you to view streaming video, including Ustream.

Technology Review: Rethinking Apps for the iPad An informative piece on how things are different when developing for the iPad vs. the iPhone.

TweetDeck for iPad Hits the App Store TweetDeck, the popular Twitter client, is now available for the iPad.

Episodic Gaming Invades the iPad with Sam & Max The hilarious point and click adventure "Sam & Max" is now available on the iPad.

What's new iPhone SDK 3.2 Now that the NDA has been lifted on the previously announced iPhone SDK 3.2 (for iPad), here are some of the details.

Developers Rush to Buy iPads and Test Their Apps The creators of Doodle Jump are profiled as they prepare to update their popular game for the iPad.

iPadPeek Want to know how your website looks on the iPad? Check out this site.

'Intellvision' Released for iPhone and iPod Touch The classic console from the early 80's now has an iPhone and iPod Touch app.

How Publishers Plan to Monetize iPad Content With the launch of the iPad, many publishers are wondering how they can monetize their content on this new device.

Unboxing the iPad Data A neat infographic covering the new iPad.

Top 20 iPhone Games That Work Great On An iPad A great collection of games for the iPad.

Gamers of the iPhone, Your Attention Please What the new Game Center feature of iPhone OS 4.0 means for iPhone gamer.

iPhone OS 4.0 Brings Multitasking, Ad Framework for Apps Apple announced iPhone OS 4.0 this past Thursday, revealing some pretty impressive new features which have wide ranging consequences. The following are just some of the articles that have come out which cover these new features:

Apple versus developers - this time it's personal With the recent update to the iPhone Developer Program License Agreement, Apple has dropped a pretty big bombshell for anyone planning on using 3rd party development tools to build iPhone apps. This article is just one of many that have started to come out this week: