Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some updates...

Lately I have been working more with C# and .Net related projects as part of my day job with Dotblu, developers of http://dotblu.com, http://blubet.com, and most recently http://townhog.com.

However, as I am still very interested in both game and mobile development, I am continuing to research and develop projects using Flash/AS3 and iPhone SDK technologies.

I find that once you have mastered a handful of programming languages, SDKs, and other technologies, what it really comes down to is what interests you the most. It takes constant internal motivation to go from simply building something to really creating something that will not only last but will also hopefully resonate with other people.

To this end, in order to help focus my free time, I plan on posting more frequently on the topics of Flash/AS3 and iPhone development. Also, while Guidance Is Internal is currently my home for my iPhone projects, I plan on adding Flash projects as well in the near future. You can also view past samples of my work via my portfolio at http://aribraginsky.com/portfolio. More day to day updates will also be posted on my landing page at http://aribraginsky.com as well as here.

I will be attending the iPhone OpenGL workshop hosted by Noel Llopis courtesy of Mobile Orchard next Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th. I plan on posting a review of what I expect to be a very informative event.

In addition, I am researching various 3rd party Flash/AS3 physics, 3D, and game frameworks and plan on writing reviews as I see fit.

Ari Braginsky