Monday, October 12, 2009

Recent events

While I have been writing for Mobile Orchard's "This Week in iPhone News" column these past few months, it is not my day job. During the day I have been recently working as a software engineer specializing in .Net and iPhone solutions for Dotblu, makers of the bet oriented social network Blubet that has been shut down as of last week.

I am now open to potential employment opportunities in the Flash, iPhone, and .Net areas, specifically in the San Francisco bay area, but I would also be open to telecommuting opportunities as well. I am most interested in full-time employment, if possible. My areas of interest include games, social networks and Rich Internet applications.

You can view my work history via my LinkedIn account or you can drop me a note and I can forward you a link to my private online portfolio, including a copy of my latest resume.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter or even send me a direct message there.

Thank you,
Ari Braginsky