Friday, January 30, 2009

Apple iPhone - OpenGL ES performance and system information

Details on the OpenGL ES performance stats for the iPhone.


Anonymous said...

The linked-to article was comforting, in a backwards sort of own performance tests with the iPhone show 600K-700K triangles per seconds, and that's what their tests show too.

The iPhone's rendering performance is abysmal. It's OK for those "casual games", but that's it -- it'll never be a PSP-killer.

Ari Braginsky said...

Yeah I think the key is to respect the hardware and not try to do something it can't do.

Lane Roathe said...

I am curious to know how thoughts have evolved on this subject over the year as the gaming experience on the iPhone has advanced, along with the release of the 3GS (although to date I haven't seen anything that actually shows the power of the new chipset).