Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GDC 09

I will be attending this year's Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco next week.

The biggest problem I'm having are all the conflicting sessions that I want to go to. I ultimately assigned priority levels to those that are in conflict. Be that as it may, I will just decide what to go to while on the floor, making sure to give myself some breathing room and time to check out the exhibitor booths.

Having an all access pass means that I'll be able to go to all of the various summits that are going on as well as being able to view those materials that presenters make available online after the conference.

I'm a member of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA) and will be attending various IGDA related events throughout the week.

There are also various "tweetups" and evening meetups that I will also try to attend.

The following are some of the sessions I plan on attending:

(308) Why the iPhone just changed everything
(308) Beyond the Screen: The Principles of Pervasive Game Design
(309) Mini Games in C++ Workshop
(303) Games that Connect People - Part 2
(308) Improving Game Play with Sensor Technology in Mobile Devices
(306) Worlds in Motion 2009 Kick-off!
(301) Game Design Workshop
(306) Post mortem: Game mechanics without rules in Habbo Hotel
(303) Intro to Casual Games - Part 2
(308) The iPhone Bag Of Tricks
(304) Independent Games & Sales: Stats 101
(308) Creating a Compelling User Experience
(308) The Challenges and successes of porting games to the Apple iPhone
(308) Navigating for success in today's mobile landscape
(308) Am I dead yet?
(304) No Publisher? No Problem! iPhone for Indies
(308) Social Games for Android, iPhone, Java, C++ and Objective C? Where do you fit in?
(308) Post Mortem: Super Monkey Ball iPhone
(308) Get Smart About Smartphones: Insight Into the Future of Mobile Gaming
(308) How Independent Studios Successfully Develop and Distribute Mobile Games
(307) From the Ground Up: AI Architecture and Design Patterns
(308) Independent Games Festival Mobile Award Ceremony
(308) How do we socialize mobile games?
(308) Mobile Social Games: As Big on Phones as They are on Web-Based Social Networks?
(304) Making Web Games: The Indie Experience
Discovering New Development Opportunities
(309) A Guided Tour of The Art of Game Design: A Book of Lenses
(305) Serious Games Showcase
(304) How to Finish a Game Project You... Hate?
Nuances of Design
Fault Tolerance: From Intentionality to Improvisation
Universal Character System in SAINTS ROW 2
Lockless Programming in Games
Media Molecule: 'Winging It' - Ups, Downs, Mistakes, Successes in the Making of LITTLEBIGPLANET
Developing Mobile 3D Games Using the POWERVR SDK and Tools
Casual Games Roundtables
Tools SIG
The Inspiration Behind Nintendo DSi Development
HavokTM Technologies: Present and Future
The Game Design Challenge: My First Time
Mobile Games SIG
Making Friends is Hard: Social Mechanics in Contemporary Design
Silencing the Censors - Recent Developments in the Battle for Free Expression in Game Development
Level-5's Techniques to Producing a Hit Game—From PROFESSOR LAYTON to INAZUMA ELEVEN and THE ANOTHER WORLD
Utilizing Flash® for Game UI Development
How Lionhead Studios Created Believable Characters in FABLE II Using Softimage XSI
Curious/New Members: Gaming the IGDA
Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games Roundtable
Riding the Waves of Change: How Video Game Companies Can Flourish in an
Environment of Relentless Volatility and Flux
Game Design SIG
Advanced Scrum and Agile Development
Learn from Legends: Crane & Cartwright's Core Principles for Game Development Success
Casual Games Roundtables
Casual Games SIG
GDC Microtalks - One Hour, Ten Speakers, Unlimited Ideas
Game Studies Download 4.0
The Future of Web Games
10 Things Great Designers Exhibit
Experimental Gameplay Sessions
Master Metrics: The Science Behind the Art of Game Design
The Beauty of Destruction
iPhone Development: Exploring The New Frontier
HavokTM Technologies: Present and Future
Have You Got Perfect Pitch?
The Grass is Greener? Freelance vs. In-House Audio Solutions
The Brutal Art of Brutal Legend
Everything I Learned About Level Design I Learned from Disneyland
Accessibility 101: Crash Course for Beginners
Play in the Age of Social Software
Unlikely Beginnings: FALLOUT 3's Lead Designer on his Path into the Game Industry
The World of FABLE II
Burned by Friendly Fire: Game Critics Rant
Casual Games Roundtables
Serious Games Summit Summary
10 Perspectives on Staying Passionate about Games
How to Start Designing Games On Your Own (and What that Really Means)
Producing FABLE II
Robotic Testing to the Rescue
Flash SIG
Artificial Intelligence in Computer Games Roundtable
Bringing Ambience To The Foreground: Enhancing Emotion Through Ambient Sound Design
Learning from the Atari 2600
Lionhead Experiments Revealed
Raising Capital In A Recession
Game Preservation SIG
Online Games SIG